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February 02, 2017
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When it comes to good health many people neglect their feet. They often ignore everyday pain that they experience and assume it is simply ankle painall due to being on their feet all day. There are things that can be done to help improve the comfort of your feet and change the way that you take action daily. Contacting Dr. Laura Pickard, your Norridge, IL, podiatrist at Norridge Foot Clinic, can get you started to a healthier and pain-free experience.

Ankle Pain Diagnosis & Treatment Options

There may be several reasons that you are suffering from ankle pain. A Norridge podiatrist will need to assess the circumstances and possibly take an x-ray to determine the cause of the problem. Some of the reasons for pain could include the use of improper or unsupportive footwear, overuse or taxing your ankles, a fall or slip and even genetics. The nature of the pain and how long it has been bothering you are important facts when discussing the problem with your podiatrist. There are several treatments that might be a good fit for your situation including regular icing, exercises and in some cases surgery to correct a long-term problem. Once you have met with the professional you will be able to better make the right choice for you.

Living with long term pain is something you can put an end to. There are options available to help you relieve the pain that you feel. The first step is meeting with someone that understands the issues and can help you find answers. Call our team of professionals today to get started on the road to recovery. Call the Norridge Foot Clinic at (773) 625-2211 to schedule an appointment with your Norridge, IL, podiatrist today. We look forward to helping you find relief from the pain you live with.


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