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By Norridge Foot Clinic
September 01, 2021
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Visiting the podiatrist can help ease your pain and prevent complications from an injury, infection, or disease. Do you know when it's time to pay a visit to Dr. Laura Pickard of Norridge Foot Clinic, your foot doctor in Chicago, IL, also serving Norridge, IL?  Visit us if you notice any of these problems:

Foot and ankle injuries

Injuries don't have to be dramatic to cause serious damage to your foot or ankle. Simply stepping off a curb can sprain your ankle, and landing wrong when you jump can result in a torn Achilles tendon. Without prompt treatment, your injury might lead to arthritis or long-term mobility issues.

Call your foot doctor in Chicago, IL, also serving Norridge, IL, if your foot or ankle is injured or you have severe pain or difficulty walking. It's also a good idea to call if your injury isn't getting better even though you've been resting as much as possible.


It's not unusual to feel a little pain if you step on a toy in the middle of the night or walk more than usual. Although nearly everyone experiences foot pain from time to time, it usually goes away fairly quickly. If walking or standing have become uncomfortable, there's no reason to suffer. Your doctor can determine why you have pain and offer treatments and medications that will relieve your symptoms.


Do you have a hard bony bump at the base of your big toe? Known as bunions, these bumps can make walking and wearing shoes painful. Fortunately, your podiatrist can offer treatments that reduce pain and slow the progression of bunions, including night splints, corticosteroid injections, and orthotics. Surgery may be needed if other treatments aren't helpful.

Diabetic foot issues

You're at increased risk of developing foot infections if you have diabetes. In fact, small cuts or blisters can become infected within a matter of days due to the disease. Be sure to call your foot doctor if you have open sores, painful or numb feet, or notice that the color or temperature of the skin on your feet has changed.

Protect your feet and ankles with a visit to Dr. Pickard, your foot doctor in Chicago, IL, also serving the Norridge, IL, area. Call Norridge Foot Clinic at (773) 625-2211 to book an appointment.

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