Dealing With Ingrown Toenails? We Can Help

Dealing With Ingrown Toenails? We Can Help

Is your ingrown nail a real nuisance? Are you in pain and has it become too much to handle? If you need a podiatrist, your Norridge Foot Clinic doctor in Norridge, IL, can help you!

Here's some more information about ingrown nails:

"Ingrown toenails are common. 20 out of 100 people who see their family doctor because of foot problems have an ingrown toenail," according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Ingrown toenails, which are also known as onychocryptosis, are a result of: you not trimming toenails properly, wearing tight shoes, trauma or injury to your feet, fungus infections, or hereditary poor foot structure.

Ingrown toenails penetrate the corners or sides of your feet toes, which may result in infection. Ingrown toenails may result in:

  • Tough skin
  • Swollen and tender toes
  • Sore, red, and infected toes
  • Skin grows over the ingrown toenail

Treating ingrown toenails is simple:

  1. Soak the foot in warm, soapy water 3 to 4 times a day
  2. Keep your feet dry
  3. Avoid tight shoes
  4. Wear shoes that give your toes more space to avoid overcrowding them
  5. Avoid wearing socks
  6. Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen if you need pain relief
  7. Use antibiotic if there is an infection

Surgery may be necessary if the infection doesn't go away within 2 to 3 days. The procedure, partial nail plate avulsion, is when your doctor in Norridge, IL, injects your toenail with an anesthetic and removes the ingrown toenail.

Other procedures include:

  • A slightly ingrown nail requires your doctor to lift the nail.
  • Your doctor will remove a part of the nail.
  • Your doctor may also remove the nail and tissue.

If you are going to take any medication to treat your ingrown toenail, make sure to contact your podiatrist. For more information on ingrown toenails in Norridge, IL, contact your podiatrist at Norridge Foot Clinic by calling today!

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