Signs You Have Flat Feet

Signs You Have Flat Feet

Your feet should have an ample arch at the bottom. It’s a natural curve at the inner part of the foot that gives you stability when walking, flat feetrunning and standing. Some people have a foot ailment called flat feet, “flatfoot,” or fallen arches, where that arch isn’t there. Sometimes flat feet happen because the arch doesn’t properly form in childhood, and in other cases adults develop this condition when their tendons weaken. Here are a few signs that you may have flat feet, and ways that you can have it treated by a podiatrist at Norridge Foot Clinic in Norridge, IL.

Foot Pain
One sign of flat feet is foot pain. In many cases, patients who have flat feet don’t feel any pain at all for long periods of time. But in some cases, the lack of foot support can cause discomfort in the heel, arch or ankle. That pain can be relieved with treatments by your Norridge podiatrist.

Awkward Walk or Run
When you don’t have an arch, your walk may look and feel awkward. Normally, people walk and run by rolling their feet forward from the heel to the toe. But when there’s no arch, the entire foot hits the floor as soon as the heel makes contact with the ground. A flat-footed person may make a loud slapping sound on the floor when walking around with bare feet.

A Visual Check
One of the simplest ways to tell if you have flat feet is to do a visual check in the mirror. Carefully examine the inside of each foot. If it’s a normal arch, the inside center of the foot is slightly elevated from the floor. There’s no visible elevation for a flat foot. You can also dampen your foot and place it on a piece of paper to tell if there’s an arch. If the entire outline of the foot shows, that’s a sign of flat-footedness.

See Your Podiatrist for a Solution
If you believe you may have a problem with flat feet, go to your podiatrist to get an official diagnosis and treatment. It is possible to restore a fallen arch with physical therapy, orthotics, taping, bracing and other progressive treatments. Call Norridge Foot Clinic in Norridge, IL at 773-625-2211 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Laura Pickard.

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