Signs You May Have Sprained Your Ankle

Signs You May Have Sprained Your Ankle

If you have an ankle injury, you may have a hard time distinguishing between a break and a sprain without the help of a doctor. Often, ankle sprainspatients think they have sprained their ankle and avoid treatment when they actually have a break and vice versa. However, knowing the signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle can help you make the best medical decision for you. Find out more about signs you may have sprained your ankle with Dr. Laura Pickard at Norridge Foot Clinic in Chicago, IL.

Is my ankle sprained or broken? 
Whether your ankle is sprained or broken, you are likely to experience significant pain. However, if that pain is so severe that you cannot place any weight whatsoever on your affected ankle, you are likely to have a break. Additionally, if the pain is localized directly over the ankle bone, it is more like to be a break. If the pain is localized to the soft tissue of the ankle, it is more likely to be a sprain. If you are unsure whether your injury is a break or a sprain, you should consult with your doctor. However, if you choose to wait a few days, you can try the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method. If the pain does not improve within two days, you should seek medical care as you probably have a broken bone. If the pain does improve, your ankle is likely to be sprained.

How will my doctor diagnose a sprained ankle? 
Diagnosing a sprained ankle will require a physical examination with your podiatrist. Your doctor will probably suggest an x-ray to see within your ankle to its bones and connective tissues. The x-ray will allow your podiatrist to determine with certainty if you have a break or sprain.

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