Treatment Options For Arch Pain

Treatment Options For Arch Pain

When you’re having arch pain, a podiatrist in Norridge Illinois from the Norridge Foot Clinic can help treat your pain and discomfort. This arch painarch pain can be due to several issues, so seeking professional help is the only way you get the care that you need.

Arch Pain Causes

Sometimes arch pain is caused by plantar fibromas, which are tumors or growths on the plantar or the arch of the foot. Unlike warts, these grow inside the ligaments known as the plantar fascia. This can cause pressure and pain on other parts of the foot, which makes it hard to diagnose on your own. A podiatrist in Norridge Illinois, however, is well versed with these growths and how to treat them.

There are many nonsurgical ways to treat these plantar fibromas. However, in some cases, surgical correction is needed.

A podiatrist in Norridge Illinois from Norridge Foot Clinic can use cryosurgery in order to shrink and/or freeze the tumors. This is a popular, convenient and outpatient treatment options that causes minimal to no pain after the procedure. Patients often return to wearing shoes and back to daily activity within a day or two after the procedure. Another advantage to this helpful treatment option, cryosurgery, is that it can desensitize the chronically irritated nerves in the area. This can help reduce chronic pain some patients feel in the affected area. It also can improve sensation and function too.

For more helpful information on how to treat your arch pain, contact a podiatrist at the Norridge Foot Clinic in Norridge, Illinois today. In order to schedule this important appointment, call their office today at 773-625-2211.

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