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By Norridge Foot Clinic
April 29, 2020
Category: Foot Care
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The Right ShoesExercise is an important aspect of keeping our bodies healthy and happy. That’s why it’s so important to wear the correct shoes for certain activities. Whether you’re an athlete, workout buff, or enjoy walking and hiking, you need the proper footwear. It makes the difference between enjoying your favorite activities and sitting out with an avoidable injury. Talk to your podiatrist to have your feet evaluated for your future workout needs.
Essential Equipment
All exercise involves your feet, ankles, and knees. Placing pressure on them puts you at risk for strains, sprains, and wear-and-tear injuries. Find shoes made specifically for the activity you engage in while also providing a good fit. They should accommodate your body and activity level. 
Pay attention to the wear on your older shoes. The soles show where you need more support in the future. The right shoe also feels good from the start. Don’t believe the sentiment that a shoe needs to be broken in. This is not true and creates ongoing problems. 
Matching Your Shoe to Your Sport
Different types of exercise affect your feet in different ways. Your shoes need to support the high-risk areas. 
  • Running requires shoes with shock absorption. Your feet take on a lot of pressure and friction. Cushioning your shoes in the correct areas keeps you from feeling the pain. 
  • Traction is important in sports that need quick changes in direction and sprinting, like basketball. Traction should never be too high or low. The right shoes keep you from slipping on the floor while letting you move and pivot.
  • Ankle support is a must. It limits the side-to-side movement that knocks your ankle out of alignment. This kind of support keeps ankle sprains at bay. For sports like basketball, hockey, skiing, and skating, make sure that your shoes aren’t too high. Otherwise, they will dig into your Achilles tendon. You can also wear soft ankle braces.
  • Arch support varies for everyone. Your podiatrist can test your foot to determine your gait. Depending on the results, your podiatrist can recommend orthotics or special shoe inserts.
Remember to Replace Your Old Shoes
Pay attention to the state of your shoes to understand when to replace them. When the condition starts to decline, especially the arch support and sole, it’s time to go shopping. Start looking for a replacement when they become uncomfortable and wear differently. You don’t have to wear shoes for a long time for them to wear out either. If you are participating in sports or activity on an almost daily basis, your shoes are bound to wear out quickly. 
By Norridge Foot Clinic
July 22, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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Find out some helpful hints for how to keep your aging feet healthy.

As we get older we have certain health concerns that we need to address. While we may often focus on things like heart or mental Shoeshealth, some attention should also be paid to the health of your feet. After all, they keep you active and living the life you want! Find out how to properly care for your aging feet, and when it’s important to see your Norridge podiatrist Dr. Laura Pickard for care.

Promote good circulation

You can help keep blood circulating through your feet by propping them up whenever you sit or lie down. If you are sitting for extended periods of time (which is not recommended but can be difficult to avoid at times), try to get up and stretch every thirty minutes or give yourself a foot massage to get blood flowing.

Wear the right shoes

Wearing the proper footwear can prevent a variety of foot problems from plaguing you. As you get older the last thing you want to deal with are painful, sore feet that make it difficult to get around. Remember that your feet will continue to grow as you get older so you should always have someone measure your feet before you buy shoes. Also, try to have your feet measured at the end of the day when they are at their largest.

Opt for shoes that give your toes room to wiggle and move. Make sure to walk in the shoes beforehand to make sure they fit properly before purchasing them. Never buy shoes assuming you can break them in over time. Shoes should fit you comfortably from the start. Also, look for shoes that offer heel and arch support.

Prevent Foot Conditions

Fungal infections like athlete’s foot are very common. If the infection isn’t caught or treated soon enough, it can become more difficult to treat, so preventing infections is key. Be sure to keep feet dry and clean at all times. Change your socks and shoes regularly and use an foot powder daily if you find that your feet sweat often. If you notice any changes or signs of an infection call your Norridge podiatrist.

Is it time you talked to your Norridge podiatrist about your foot health? Then call Norridge Foot Clinic today. Give your feet the care they deserve at any age.

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